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Quick start guide for your Wallbox charger

Once your Wallbox charger is installed, it is ready to charge your EV immediately. However, to maximise your charger’s full potential and use all its functionalities, we recommend following these few steps:

  1. Download and install the myWallbox app on your smartphone,
  2. Create a myWallbox account,
  3. Add your charger to your myWallbox account,
  4. Connect to your charger via Bluetooth,
  5. Connect your charger to your Wi-Fi,
  6. Adjust your charger’s power (amperage).

Your charger is now properly set up! To learn how to use the different functionalities of your charger, consult our dedicated articles:

You can also find all the above information in the downloadable Quick Start Guide (PDF).

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Updated on 23/08/2022

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