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Eiffel Basic

Eiffel Basic

Accessory Overview

Wallbox presents Eiffel Basic, its most competitive EV charging pedestal for single or dual mounting.

Eiffel Basic enables parking spaces to install free-standing charging stations. Combined with its rain cover, this pedestal achieves durable and efficient installations on both outdoor and indoor spaces.

The pedestal is set up as a support accessory for the installation of:

  • Pulsar/Pulsar Plus/Pulsar Plus NA
  • Copper SB
  • Commander 2

Onyx pedestal

Accessory Overview

The Onyx allows a mono or dual installation of your Wallbox.

The Onyx pedestal combines the materials technology and art. The combined use of steel and high performance glass makes possible the most advanced recharging solution of the moment. With its different combinations, the pedestal allows unique and flexible solutions at the best convenience of the installation.

The pedestal is set up as a support accessory for the installation of:

  • Wallbox Copper SB
  • Wallbox Commander 2

MID meter


Accessory Overview

MID approved electricity meters are certified to measure the amount of power used to charge. This allows you to charge for your services more accurately based on the actual energy spent on each charging session.

Mobile Connectivity

Accessory Overview

Allows your Wallbox to communicate with its MyWalbox charging management platform using 3G or 4G networks. For updated and synchronized data in real-time.

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Updated on 14/03/2022

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