How to Connect Your Charger to the Wallbox app by Bluetooth?

Unlock a range of intelligent features by connecting your charger to the Wallbox app, including scheduled charging sessions, charging statistics, Auto-lock management, and the Energy Management System.

Follow these easy steps to connect your charger to the Wallbox app:

Step 1: Log in to the Wallbox App and Add Your Charger

  1. Create a Wallbox account or log in to your account, and add your charger using the Wallbox app or the portal.

Step 2: Establish the Bluetooth Connection

  1. After adding your charger, tap “Connect” on the confirmation screen.
  2. Enable Bluetooth on your smartphone, and return to the Wallbox app.
  3. The Bluetooth pairing process will begin. If prompted, tap “Pair” on your smartphone to establish the connection.
  4. Wait briefly while the Bluetooth connection is established, usually just a few seconds.

Your charger is now successfully connected to the Wallbox app. For remote control through the Cloud, tap “Enable Cloud Connectivity” and follow the instructions in this Help Article.

Pro Tip: Your Bluetooth connection remains active unless deactivated or due to a technical issue. If the connection drops, the app will display a message asking you to reconfigure it. Simply tap the message and follow the app’s instructions to restore your Bluetooth connection.

Encountering Issues?

If you face any difficulties connecting your charger to the Wallbox app via Bluetooth, consult our Bluetooth troubleshooting guide or utilize our self-help chatbot for guided troubleshooting (click the chatbot icon at the bottom right corner of any page on this website to open it).

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Updated on 25/06/2024

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