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Energy Management Solutions

Energy Management Solutions (EMS)

Power Boost
Measures how much electricity you use and gives the rest to your car. Turning the lights off in one room? Power Boost automatically adjusts the power and provides you with the best possible charging experience.
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Dynamic Static Load Management
The Dynamic Static Load Management (DPS) monitors a building’s demand and compares it to its maximum allowable value. When it is lower than the maximum, it can supply all the remaining available power to reach the maximum to the charging network. Contrarily, if the building’s demand is equal or greater than its maximum permitted value, no power will be supplied to the charging stations. It can be seen that just by taking advantage of periods where there is low demand from the building side, the charging network’s demand can be satisfied without having to increase the installation’s overall power.
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Solar Charging
Solar Charging uses your home's green energy from solar panels or wind turbines to charge your EV efficiently. It offers two modes, Eco Mode, which minimizes grid power usage by blending surplus green energy with grid power for efficient charging and Full-Green, where you can charge your car exclusively with surplus green energy when it meets the minimum requirements.
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vehicle to home icon
vehicle to home icon

Vehicle to Home

Vehicle to Home allows your bidirectional EV charger to be used to supply power from your electric EV’s battery to your house or, possibly, another kind of building.

1. Installing the EMS

To begin utilizing the EMS, it’s essential to complete the charger(s) and power meter installation as per the Energy Management Solutions Installation Guide provided below. Within this guide, you’ll discover comprehensive instructions for setting up Power Boost, Solar Charging, Static Load Management, Dynamic Static Load Management, and V2H functionalities.

2. Activating the EMS

After correctly installing the power meter and charger(s), it’s time to get your Energy Management System (EMS) up and running through the Wallbox app. Follow the guides below to get started with the activation:

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Updated on 19/06/2024

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