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How to display your charging sessions’ statistics in the myWallbox app?

You can display all your charging sessions’ statistics directly in the myWallbox app. Statistics are useful to understand your energy consumption better, your costs and your charging history. You can filter your statistics by dates and even visualize them as a graph.

If you need to export these statistics, you can do so in the Portal if you have an active Wallbox Business Plan subscription. You can learn more about this feature in the dedicated article.

How to access the charging sessions’ statistics in the app

  1. Log in to the myWallbox app.
  2. Select your charger from the list.
  3. On the chargers’ main screen, tap Statistics.
  4. You can visualize all your charging sessions’ statistics from here.

If you do not have a MID meter installed with your charger, you will not receive statistics about energy and cost.


Your charging sessions statistics are not displaying? Typically, this issue can be resolved following our troubleshooting steps.

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Updated on 14/09/2022

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