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copper c Product Overview

Copper C

Product Overview

Wallbox Copper provides an innovative charging experience with natural interaction. Wallbox has created a revolutionary charging system for electric vehicles and plug-in-hybrids, integrating face recognition and sense movement detection technology for the first time. In addition to these innovations, Copper has a sophisticated combination of technology, design, size and functionality to ensure optimal charging performance.

Once your Wallbox charger is installed, it is ready to charge your electric vehicle. However if you want to use your charger to its full potential, we recommend following these few steps to set it up:

  1. Download and install the myWallbox app on your smartphone,
  2. Create a myWallbox account,
  3. Add your charger to your myWallbox account,
  4. Connect to your charger via Bluetooth,
  5. Connect your charger to your Wi-Fi,
  6. Adjust your charger’s power (amperage).

Your charger is now properly set up! If you would like to learn how to use the different features of your charger, check out our dedicated guides:


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Updated on 31/01/2021

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