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How to connect your charger to the myWallbox app via Bluetooth?

We have recently introduced new improvements to our Bluetooth connectivity. Please update your app and charger‘s software to enjoy a smoother experience.

Once you have created a Wallbox account and added your charger with the myWallbox app or portal, you can connect your charger to your smartphone via Bluetooth using the myWallbox app.

Connecting your charger to the app allows you to use multiple features, such as scheduled charging sessions and locking/unlocking the charger.

Follow the steps below to connect to your charger:

  1. Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone. Stay near the charger without any wall or obstruction for an optimal Bluetooth connection.
  2. Launch the myWallbox app on your smartphone and log in to your account.
  3. Grant Location Permissions if requested and ensure they are enabled in your mobile device’s settings.
  4. Select your charger from the charger list. If not already granted, the app will ask you for Bluetooth permission. Tap “Allow“.
  5. Your charger will start communicating with the myWallbox app. The connection process can take several seconds.

A message inviting you to get closer to your charger will display if you are too far from your charger.

  1. Once connected, the charger screen will appear.

When connected via Bluetooth, myWallbox synchronizes the settings and data stored within the charger with the app.

To control your charger remotely, you must connect it to the Internet.


Are you still unable to connect to your charger? Please go through our troubleshooting guide section dedicated to Bluetooth to solve this issue, or use the self-help chatbot to get through guided step-by-step troubleshooting.

Updated on 23/02/2023

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