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How to add charger(s) in the portal?


You can easily link all your chargers to your charging infrastructure and assign them to specific Locations and users using the Wallbox portal. Adding chargers in bulk is also more convenient using the Portal.

If you need to add a single personal charger to your account, you can also use the Wallbox mobile app (using the QR code method).

The charger(s) can be turned off or not even installed yet to be added to your account.

Follow the steps below to start adding your charger(s):

  1. Log into the Wallbox portal, or register if you do not have an account yet.

  2. Go to Chargers, then click “+ Add charger.

  3. Choose in which Organization and Location the charger should be added. If you do not have a Location yet or need to create a new one, click “+ Add new location“. Click Continue to start adding your charger(s).

If you choose an existing Location but are still redirected to the Location editing panel, your Location information is not filled correctly. Fill in the required information and click Continue.

  1. You can add your charger(s) by filling in directly their SN (Serial Number) and UID (Unique Identification Number) / PUK. These numbers can be found on the side of your charger, you can refer to this article if you do not find them. If you need to add more chargers at once, click “+ Add another charger” and follow the same process. You can also add chargers in bulk by using the CSV file upload method: click “Download template here“, fill in the CSV file with the required information and upload it to add your chargers in bulk.
  2. Once your charger(s) information is added, click Continue.
  3. In this panel, you can choose who can access your charger. You can assign an Access group or provide custom access to users manually. Note that you will always be able to change this later. Click Continue.

Your charger(s) is now correctly added to your charging infrastructure and will appear in your chargers list.


How can I unlink my charger?
You can easily unlink your charger by following the steps in this article.
Can anyone else add my charger to their account?
A charger can only be added once, no one else will be able to add it.
Updated on 17/06/2024

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