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What is an Access group and how to use this feature?

Access groups are a portal feature that allows you to manage charger access in bulk, making attributing chargers to new users easier and quicker.

With the Access groups, you can group users that should share the same chargers and link the group to these chargers in one click instead of manually giving each user access.

1. How to create an Access group?

  1. Log in to the Wallbox portal as Super-Admin/Admin.
  2. Go to Users.
  3. Click Access groups.
  4. Click Create Access group.
  5. Define a group name, and select the charger(s) that will be part of it.
  6. Click Accept.

Your Access group is now created and ready to receive users.

2. How to add users to an Access group?

Once an Access group is created you can start adding users to it:

  1. Go to Users.
  2. Click the user(s) you want to add to the group to access their settings.
  3. Select the Access group you created from the dropdown in the Settings panel.

The user is now added to this Access group.

When you add new users, you can directly choose if you want to assign them to a specific Access group.

3. How to modify an Access group?

You can edit a group name and the chargers assigned to it anytime.

  1. Click Users.
  2. Click Access group.
  3. Next to the Access group you want to modify, click the Edit button.
  4. Revise your changes.
  5. Click Save changes.

Your changes are now saved.

Updated on 18/06/2024

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