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How to Update Your Charger with the Wallbox app?

Ensuring that your charger’s software is up to date is crucial for enjoying a reliable charging experience and making the most of your charger’s latest features. Software updates also resolve any potential charger-related bugs. In this guide, we’ll show you how to update your charger and benefit from these enhancements.

In the Release Notes section, you can check each charger’s software’s last released version.

Checking for Updates

If you want to check if an update is available for your charger, simply look for a green update icon next to the charger’s name in your list of chargers.

To check the last released version of your charger’s software, visit the Release Notes section.

Updating Your Charger

If your charger is connected to the Cloud (via Wi-Fi or 4G), you can update it remotely. If not, you can still update it, but you’ll need to be physically close to it. In this case, the update will be shared from your smartphone’s Wallbox app to your charger through Bluetooth.

Follow the steps below to perform an update:

Step 1: Connect your app to your charger

  1. Before you begin, ensure the Wallbox app runs the latest versions.
  2. Open the Wallbox app and log in using your credentials. You can easily register within the app if you don’t have an account yet.
  3. If you have not linked your charger to your account yet, follow this guide to do so.
  4. Select your charger and wait until the connection is established.

Step 2: Start the Update

Ensure the EV gun is not plugged into the car when updating your charger, as this might disorder session registration and interfere with the update process.

  1. Tap the “Charger update available” banner.
  2. Read the instructions and tap “Continue”.
  3.  Follow the steps required to carry out the update. Remember that if your charger is not connected to the Cloud, you must not interrupt the process until it is finished, and you won’t be able to use your charger until the update is complete, which may take up to 5 minutes.
  4. Once the update is finished, your charger will automatically restart, and the download icon will disappear, indicating that your charger’s software is now up to date.

If you decide to install the update later, the update banner will remain on the app charger screen, allowing you to install the update at your convenience.

Offline updates and software versions

The offline update feature is only available after a given software release, which depends on the charger model:

If you are performing the update offline, do not leave the update screen or close the app, as this will interrupt the update process and might damage your charger.

  • Commander 2: >= 4.6.5
  • Copper SB: >= 4.5.5
  • Pulsar Plus: >=4.6.0
  • Copper: >= 4.3.0
Updated on 17/06/2024

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