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Eiffel pedestal

Eiffel Basic

Accessory Overview

Wallbox presents Eiffel Basic, its most competitive EV charging pedestal for single or dual mounting.

Eiffel Basic enables parking spaces to install free-standing charging stations. Combined with its rain cover, this pedestal achieves durable and efficient installations on both outdoor and indoor spaces.

The pedestal is set up as a support accessory for the installation of:

  • Pulsar Plus NA

Eiffel Pro

Eiffel Pro

Accessory Overview

Elevate your charging experience with the Wallbox Eiffel Pro pedestal, designed to seamlessly accommodate two Pulsar Pro chargers in a stylish, free-standing installation solution. Crafted with robust aluminium construction and a sleek powder-coat finish, it enhances aesthetics and ensures a tidy cable management system for a clutter-free environment.

Power Meter

Power Meter

Accessory Overview

This power meter unlocks the full suite of Energy Management Solutions, and makes your Pulsar Plus ready for all software upgrades without needing additional hardware. It can be easily installed by a certified Wallbox installation partner, along with your charger.

meter enclosure

UL Enclosure

Accessory Overview

Wallbox UL enclosure provides a watertight installation solution for Wallbox NA Power Meter.  UL and cUL listed, along NEMA 4x and IP67 protection makes it  the perfect fit for every installation.

Compatible with:

  • NA Power Meter

Rugged LTE Gateway

Accessory Overview

The Wallbox Rugged LTE gateway is an all-in-one solution that provides Carrier Wireless LTE Internet and Wallbox connectivity to multiple Wallbox WiFi-enabled chargers where no local WiFi network is available. It is a robust, ruggedized solution that is suitable for outdoor and indoor deployments.
  • Outdoor installation: IP67
  • Omni WiFi antenna
  • Powered through Passive Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) (24V)
  • Tested solution with Wallbox chargers
  • Pole and wall-mounted options
  • Used with user-supplied 2FF Mini-SIM

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Updated on 13/06/2022

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