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What are Grid Codes and why do I need them?

Grid Codes are the electrical parameters that allow your charger to inject energy into the electrical grid safely, securely, and reliably. There are, therefore, necessary if you own a DC charger such as Quasar and wish to discharge power to the grid.

How can I manage Grid Codes?
Only qualified and authorized technicians can manage and edit the Grid Codes parameters. 
Modifying these parameters by yourself can lead to the charger not functioning correctly. In some countries, wrong settings may also be subject to governmental fines.
Nonetheless, you can always view the Grid Codes parameters’ values configured in your charger.
What should I do if a problem related to the Grid Codes occurs?
As for their configuration, only certified technicians can address problems related to the Grid Codes parameters. Please get in touch with our Service team for more information.
What if my country, state, or region lacks Grid Codes?
If a country, state, or region lacks Grid Codes, this section will not be accessible to the installer. In this scenario, the discharging functionality is not available.
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Updated on 26/06/2024

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