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Quasar Status LED Lights – Colours’s meaning

Wallbox chargers feature an LED light that reflects their current status and reports any eventual errors. The LED light is visible on the front of your charger (see the pictures in the drop-downs below).

The colour coding is designed to be simple and intuitive. Below you will find the definitions corresponding to each displayable colour.

The LED will match the myWallbox app charging wheel screen colour when connected to your charger.


When you power on the charger, the LED turns green, fade, and turns green once the initialization process is completed. Your charger is now ready to use.
The LED will remain green until you connect your car or turn off your charger.

This color can display in three different situations:
– Your vehicle is plugged in and is ready to be charged.
– The charge session has been paused.
– Your vehicle is fully charged.
TURQUOISE (LED blinking) – Charge in progress

The charge is in progress.
YELLOW – Charger locked

The charger is locked. You need to unlock it to start a charging session. Only predefined authorised users can unlock a charger using their RFID card or PIN code. 
Remember that if the auto-lock is enabled, the charger will automatically lock after a few seconds of the absence of any user activity. You can learn more about how to use the locking system of your charger in this article.

The vehicle discharges to the electrical grid based on the V2G/V2H configuration.
REDError occured

Your charger is in fault mode. The detected problem could emanate from your charger, electric vehicle, or the electric grid system. Do not try to charge in this condition. Contact Wallbox Customer Service so our team can diagnostize the issue and advise on the best procedure.
Updated on 22/02/2023

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