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Comment afficher les statistiques de vos sessions de charge dans l’application myWallbox ?

You can display all your charging sessions’ statistics directly in the Wallbox app. Statistics are useful to understand your energy consumption better, your costs and your charging history. You can filter your statistics by dates and visualize them as graphs.

If you need to export these statistics, you can do so in the Wallbox portal. You can learn more about this feature in the dedicated article.

Comment accéder aux statistiques des sessions de charge dans l’application ?

  1. Log in to the Wallbox app.
  2. Sélectionnez votre chargeur dans la liste.
  3. Sur l’écran principal des chargeurs, appuyez sur Statistiques.
  4. Vous pouvez visualiser toutes les statistiques de vos sessions de charge à partir d’ici.


Your charging session statistics are not displaying? Typically, this issue can be resolved following our troubleshooting steps.

Updated on 10/06/2024

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