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How to restart your charger remotely through myWallbox portal

Restarting your charger remotely through myWallbox portal

1. Introduction

Wallbox always wants to provide its customers the best products, services and user experience. A very important part of this user experience is the myWallbox portal.

The mywallbox portal enables you to have full control of your charging experience, collecting charger session information, statistics, consumption, users, etc. You can also manage the energy consumption and cost savings related to electric vehicle adoption.

The subscription of Wallbox Standard or Wallbox Business plan enables you to restart your charger remotely. This enables you to update your charger from any location without being physically present at the charger’s location.

2. Requirements for performing the restart

If you are the super-administrator or the administrator of the group, you can perform the remote restart.

To perform the remote restart, ensure that the following requirements are met:

  • Subscription to either Wallbox Standard or Wallbox Business plan.
  • The charger must be connected to the cloud.
  • The available restart icon on the mywallbox portal will be only be shown if the charger is connected to the cloud.
  •  Ensure that you have a remote-restart compatible charger. All the chargers can be restarted remotely except Wallbox Pulsar.

3. Remote Restart Process

  1. Log on to the mywallbox portal.


  1. Access the Chargers page.
  1. Click the required charger.

The charger details page is displayed.

  1. If a restart is not available, the restart icon appears in grey color.
  1. If a restart is available, the restart icon appears in green color.
  1. Hover your cursor on the restart icon.

The ¨Restart Available¨ message is displayed.

  1. Click the restart icon to start the update process.

The CHARGER RESTART modal window displaying the update details appears.

  1. Click OKAY.

The restart process begins.

The charger state icon turns grey.

Note: The charger becomes unavailable for use while it is restarting.  The charger update process starts and you can resume using the charger in few minutes once the update is complete.

How do I cancel the update?

 You can cancel the update by clicking outside the modal. The modal will disappear.

 What happens if the restart fails?

Currently there is no way to know that the remote restart has failed.

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Updated on 15/05/2020

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