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De stroom van je oplader (stroomsterkte) aanpassen met de Wallbox-app of portal

A charger’s charging current can be adjusted in the Wallbox app or the Portal within the charger and electrical installation limitations.

Suppose your charger shares a high-voltage circuit with other appliances. In that case, you may want to temporarily reduce the amperage available to charge your vehicle when operating those other appliances to ensure you do not overload the circuit. 

You can adjust this setting through the Wallbox app or the Portal.

You cannot exceed the maximum power capacity of your charger. If your installer sets the physical current selection switch to a lower amperage, you cannot exceed that amperage setting. 

With the Wallbox app

  1. Log in to the Wallbox app.
  2. Select your charger.
  3. Wait until the app and your charger establish a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection.
  4. Tik op het app-scherm van de lader op het vermogeninstelwiel en stel het gewenste vermogen in door met de klok mee of tegen de klok in te scrollen.

With the Wallbox portal

  1. Log in to the Wallbox portal.
  2. Click Chargers and click the desired charger.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Next to Maximum current, click Edit.
  5. Enter the Maximum current value desired (in Amps).
  6. Click Save.

Your charger’s Maximum charging current has been updated.

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Updated on 22/02/2023

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