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Wallbox Pulsar/Pulsar Plus LED status lights

The Wallbox Pulsar and Pulsar Plus have an LED halo that reflects its charging activity using a simple, easy, and intuitive colour coding.

Here you will find the different colours that appear on your charger depending on the status of the device.

1. Introduction

Wallbox always wants to provide its customers the best products, services and user experience. A very important part of this user experience is the user interface of our products. All of them have different ways to report to our customers the status of the charger (charging, standby…) in order to ensure that the user always has clear information about the status of its charger and charging session.

The Wallbox Pulsar and Pulsar Plus have an LED halo that reflects its charging activity using a simple, easy, and intuitive colour coding.

2. The LED colour code of Wallbox Pulsar and Wallbox Pulsar Plus.

Here you will find the different colours that appear on your charger depending on the status of the device:

1.- STANDBY mode (green)

The charging system remains in this position when the user has not connected the vehicle.

2.- READY mode (turquoise)

The charger detects that it is connected to a car. The connected mode is a transition status.

This signifies different scenarios:

  1. The charger is connected to the vehicle and the communication between them is being established. While waiting to complete this command and start the charging process, the device remains in this position.
  2. The charger, while connected to the vehicle, detects whether the charging process has been successfully completed or if the vehicle does not allow for further charging. (For example: some vehicles perform scheduled charging.) The charger remains in this state until the vehicle has been disconnected or the vehicle resumes charging.
  3. Charge paused: the user has paused the charge through the app.
  4. End of schedule (Pulsar only): when a schedule finishes, the charger stops the charge and will remain in this ready mode until the vehicle is disconnected or the user restarts the charging session through the app.

3.- READY with SCHEDULE mode (turquoise blinking)

It is very common to schedule your charges for various reasons ranging from power availability, efficiency, costs or lifestyle programming. The Wallbox Pulsar/Pulsar Plus schedule setting is programmed through the mobile app.

If you connect the vehicle more than 12h before the schedule, the vehicle will start charging automatically.

4.- CHARGING mode (blinking blue)

Once the secure connection between the charger and the vehicle has been established, the charging process begins. At this moment, the light indicator will show a blinking blue light.

To reach this mode, the charging system ensures the connection is secure.

This limits the maximum current that the vehicle can request and parameters that all internal operational variables (temperature, voltage, current, etc.) are within the security range.

The process will stop when:

  1. The vehicle charging is complete.
  2. The user unlocks and releases the charging connector from the vehicle.
  3. The charging process is interrupted due to a fault with either the vehicle or the charger.

5.- “Synchronising” mode (purple)

This mode is only for Wallbox Pulsar (not for Pulsar Plus).

When the app is connected via Bluetooth to the Pulsar, a purple roulette wheel appears for a few seconds. In this process the Pulsar is updated with the phone’s date.

In addition, all the data from the Pulsar is sent to the app and to the cloud, so you can see all the data on the portal (myWallbox).

6.- Lock Mode (Yellow)

This colour will appear in the charger when the user locks the charger (and the electric vehicle is not connected):

  1. Through the app via Bluetooth connection or Wi-Fi (the latter only Pulsar Plus).
  2. Through the portal via Wi-Fi (only Pulsar Plus).
  3. If there is more than one user assigned to the charger, it will lock automatically after a few seconds without user activity.

As soon as the charger is unlocked in the previously stated manners, it returns to the ready mode. If the charger is waiting for a schedule or a charge, the colour code of the previously mentioned modes will prevail.

7.- ERROR mode (red)

The charger is in fault mode. Do not try to charge in this condition. Contact Wallbox Service so they can advise you on this topic.

The following conditions can lead to the Error Mode:

  1. The charger has found a network problem that does not allow safe charging.
  2. The vehicle communicates an error through the Control Pilot and deactivates the charging process.
  3. The charger detects an error or abnormal activity through the internal real – time monitoring system

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Updated on 10/09/2019

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