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Connecting to your charger via Bluetooth

After you have linked and registered your charger via myWallbox, you are ready to connect to your charger for the first time with your mobile device using the myWallbox app.

If you have not downloaded the myWallbox app or registered your charger, see the Downloading the myWallbox app, Creating your myWallbox account, and Adding your charger to your myWallbox account FAQs for more details.

In order to configure a Wi-Fi connection for your charger, you first need to connect to it via Bluetooth following these instructions:

  1. Ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile device. For an optimal Bluetooth connection, stand near the charger with your mobile device without any wall or obstruction in between.
  2. Launch the myWallbox app on your mobile device and log in.
  3. Select your charger from the charger list.
  4. Your charger will communicate with your mobile device and activate the connection. The connection process can take several seconds. While connecting, the app background will appear purple.
  1. Once connected, the app background will appear in the status color of the charger (see the status color description for your charger). If the charger image in the app background is grey, you are not connected to your charger.

When connected, myWallbox will synchronize the settings and data stored within the charger with the myWallbox app. Once connected via Bluetooth, see How to set up Wi-Fi for your charger with the myWallbox app.

You do not need a Wi-Fi connection to manage and control your charger, you can perform these functions via Bluetooth alone. Please note, however, that you will require a Wi-Fi connection in order to access additional smart home features like voice control.

Updated on 31/05/2022

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