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Pulsar Plus – Product Overview

Pulsar Plus

Product Overview

Wallbox Pulsar Plus offers the best of both small size and powerful performance for faster electric vehicle charging. Pulsar Plus can charge any electric car on the market today up to 8x faster than the standard (120V) charging cables that come with most EVs. With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and onboard intelligence, the smart features in Pulsar Plus–including charge scheduling and Static Load Management–work without a cloud connection so you can charge smart even when you can’t connect to the Internet.


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Observed BehaviourPossible Root CausesResolution
General Charger Usage
Charger does not power upThe circuit breaker could be off or has tripped.Check that the dedicated circuit breaker is in the correct position (ON).
 The power supply has not been properly connected.Contact your electrician to verify the proper installation
Charging session does not start  The charger is schedule to charge at a later time (LED lights bouncing light blue)Overwrite the schedule or change the schedule (see “Schedule charging sessions”)
 The vehicle is scheduled to charge at a later time. Ensure that the vehicle does not have a schedule set.
 The charger is locked.Unlock the charger (see “Unlock the charger”)
 The vehicle is completely charged. No further charge possible.
 The vehicle may have an error.Verify that the vehicle does not show an error.
 The charging plug is not connected properly. Reconnect the plug.  The charging plug may be dirty or damaged, ensure that it is in good condition If this does not work contact Wallbox Service.
The charger shows up in a red Error light and does not chargeA safety issue has been detected with the connection to the grid or to the car.Disconnect the EV connector from the vehicle.   Turn off the circuit breaker and wait a few seconds before turning it back on.   If the issue remains, contact Wallbox Service.
 Wrong installation of the current selectorConsult with your installer to make sure that the current selector is not at position 0, 8 or 9. 
The vehicle only charges at a low power Vehicle is almost fully chargedWhen the vehicle’s charging session is almost complete, the charging speed begins to fall.
 The charging current has been reduced by the user.Increase the charging current (see “Adjust the charging current”). If the maximum available current is too low, contact your electrician to recheck the installation of the charger (see Installation Manual)
 The ambient temperature is out of the operating range.If the charger or the vehicle detects a temperature that is too high, the charging power is reduced for safety reasons. 
Charger Connectivity
The Wallbox app does not connect to the charger using BluetoothUnstable Bluetooth ConnectionAssure that the Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone or tablet.  The BLE range is less than 32.8 feet – stay inside that range.  Turn off and on your phone’s Bluetooth and try to connect again. 
 Improper functioning of Wallbox AppClose the Wallbox app and open it up again.  Check to see that the latest version of the app is downloaded on your phone. The easiest way to do this is to uninstall the Wallbox app and then reinstall it. 
The Wallbox app does not connect to the charger using WiFiUnstable WiFi networkTry to connect another device and check that the network is active and can be connected to the Internet.    Restart your router and check the connections.   Connect using different Wi-Fi Network.   Create a mobile hotspot with your mobile phone.
 Closed WiFi networkOpen the ports on your router. In order to connect your charger, the following ports will need to be open: TCP 80 (Used for data transfer) UDP 123 (Used for time synchronisation)
Charging Logs
The charging logs do not appear in the Wallbox website nor the Wallbox App No internet connectionIn order for the charging statistics to appear in the app or the Wallbox portal, the charger must be connected to the Internet. Please first check the Internet connection.   Alternatively connect to your charger using Bluetooth and allow the device to sync to your phone. This will let the charger send the statistics using bluetooth instead of the Internet. 
 Bluetooth sync is outdatedCheck for the latest version of firmware in your charger and make sure that it is updated. Remove the Wallbox app from your phone, redownload the app, Reset the charger system. Inside the Wallbox app go to: Settings > Advanced Options > Restart.    Reconnect to your charger

If the resolution requires the support of our service department, please address your issue to: 

Phone: (888) 787-5780

Mail: [email protected]

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Updated on 14/12/2023

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