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Release of 10 March 2021

Applicable To

  • MyWallbox
  • Quasar

Latest Software Versions
Pulsar Plus Commander 2 Copper SB Quasar Pulsar Max Pulsar Pro

Wallbox is always committed to providing the best charging experience to all its customers. Therefore, we are continuously improving our products’ features. Following you will find a repository with all published release notes, with an explanation of all the updates performed.

This new release brings enhancements to the myWallbox portal and the app.

Below, you can see the latest software versions of all chargers and the myWallbox app (iOS and Android). 

To ensure proper functionality, please keep them always updated.

myWallbox Portal

  • For Admins and Superadmins: You’ll notice that the User list will now list all the users who have not accepted the invitation yet.   
  • For Admins and Superadmins: When exporting a CSV report, we heard that you missed the old Total_Cost field. We’re happy to bring it back! This field shows you the total cost according to the energy consumption.

Latest Software Versions


CommanderCommander 2Copper CCopper SCopper SBPulsar PlusPulsarQuasar



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