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How to restart a charger through the Wallbox app?

If you need to restart your charger remotely, you can do so directly from the Wallbox app, as long as it is connected to the Internet.

You can also restart your charger “offline”, but you will need to be connected to it via Bluetooth and within its range.

Restarting your charger with the Wallbox app

  1. Log in to the Wallbox app.
  2. Select your charger from the list.
  3. Tap the Settings icon.
  4. Tap Advanced options.
  5. Tap Restart.
  6. Click Accept. Note that it will be necessary to re-establish the Bluetooth and Internet connections to the charger once it has restarted.


I am away from my charger and want to restart it remotely but the “Restart” button does not display.
The restart button on the Wallbox app will only appear if the charger is connected to the Internet. You will need to reconnect your charger to be able to restart it remotely.
I am currently charging/discharging my EV and I cannot restart it.
A charger cannot be restarted while charging/discharging, end the charging session first and try to restart it again.
I own a Pulsar, but I cannot restart it remotely. What can I do?
As a “dummy” charger, Pulsar does not include Wi-Fi/Ethernet functionality and cannot be restarted remotely. You can, however, reboot it via the app when you are in its Bluetooth range.
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Updated on 23/08/2022

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