Dynamic Load Management in Single-charger Installations – Activation and User Guide

Thanks to Dynamic Load Management (DLM), you can measure how much energy you use and give the rest to your car—turning the lights off in one room? DLM automatically adjusts the electrical power and provides the best possible charging experience.

If you need to install DLM in a multiple-charger installation, refer to this guide.

2. Installation requirements

You must combine DLM with an energy meter to enable it for your charger.

Choose the energy meter that is compatible with your electrical network. Compatible meters are available in the Wallbox catalogue.

2. Enabling DLM

Follow these steps to activate DLM in a single charger installation:

  1. Ensure your Wallbox charger and Wallbox app have the latest version available (you can check its version in your Play Store or App Store).
  2. Log into the app by filling in your credentials, or registerif you do not have an account yet.

If your charger is a Commander 2, you can also directly configure DLM on its touchscreen.

  1. Select the charger you want to enable DLM for and stay within its Bluetooth range during the following steps. If you haven’t linked your charger to your Wallbox account yet, please follow these instructions to do so.
  2. Connect to your charger via Bluetooth.
  3. Once the synchronization between your charger and your app is complete, go to Settings.
  4. Click Upgrades.
  5. Click the Dynamic Load Management icon.
  6. Enable the DLM feature by switching the button to the ON position.
  7. In the Max current per phase field, specify the main breaker-rated current or subscribed current (in amps), whichever is lower.
  8. Click Accept to enable DLM.

For correct performance, only max current per phase greater than 6 amps is accepted. If in doubt, contact Wallbox Customer Service.

  1. DLM is now correctly configured.


In case the DLM is not selectable, follow the steps below:

  1. Power off and power on your charger,
  2. Check all cables for correct installation,
  3. Verify if the right cable type is used,
  4. Check if the switch is settled correctly to “T” or “NT”,
  5. Check if your charger software is up to date,
  6. Make sure that you are connected to your charger using Bluetooth.

Status displays for Commander 2*

*These icons are displayed on the screen of your Commander 2. Icons may differ depending on the firmware version of your charger.

Updated on 11/07/2024

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