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How to create and assign a Pay per Month billing rate to a charger?

Pay per Month is the most convenient solution for EV Drivers who need to charge their car regularly using your facilities. Enrol your users on a monthly subscription to allow them to easily access your charging services through the myWallbox app and be billed monthly according to the rate you defined.

To set up your charger(s) for the Pay per Month billing solution, you must create billing rates and assign them to your charger to start billing your users. Follow this article to be guided in this process.

1. Available Rates Overview

The monthly billing solution lets you choose between three charging methods based on variable fees:

  • Charging time fee (charged in Price — USD* / Hour)
  • Consumed energy fee (charged in Price — USD* / kWh)
  • Time reservation fee (charged in Price — USD* / Hour)

On top of the abovementioned fees, you can add a fixed service fee that will apply to all your users’ charging sessions. It can be likened to a charger unlocking fee.

*The currency depends on the configuration of your Space.

2. Creating and assigning a Pay per Month rate

To monetize your charger(s), you must create billing rates and assign them to your charger. Follow the steps below to create and assign a rate to a charger:

  1. Log in to the myWallbox portal.
  2. Go to Chargers.
  3. Select the charger you want to monetize.
  4. Click Settings.
  5. Scroll down to the Payments section.
  6. Enable the Pay per Month option.
  7. Click the Select rate drop-down and click “+ Create rate or select a rate you already defined beforehand. Multiple rates can be added to the schedule, however, only the first rate of the charging session will be billed through the length of that session.
  8. Name and configure your new rate. Refer to the first part of this post to better understand each charging fee method.
  9. Click Save.

Your rate is now assigned to your charger!

4. Managing your rates

As mentioned in the previous steps, you can fully manage all your rates via the dedicated Payments > Rates area.

Here you can view all your rates and their properties (variable fee type, price, …) and check if they are assigned at a glance. You can also create new rates, delete them or modify them directly from this area.

Updated on 22/12/2023

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