Wallbox Commander discontinuation – Welcome Commander 2!


Wallbox is always keen on delivering the best charging experience to its customers. That is why we are always working on having our products up to date, ensuring that our clients receive the best cutting-edge technology.

Consequently, we announce that our first product launched to the market, the Wallbox Commander, is going to be discontinued in all its variants, and instead we will offer you a superior model with more features and functionalities: Wallbox Commander 2.

These are some of the added features:

  • Integrated DC leakage detection
  • High resistance glass touchscreen
  • Authorization via RFID
  • 3G/4G Connectivity as an option
  • Compatible with 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi bands
  • Compatible with all types of earthing systems without need of manual configuration
  • Hardware reset and software factory restore possible by installer directly with buttons in the interior of the charger (directly on the electronic board) when not possible through the screen or the app.

The Wallbox Commander will, just like all other Wallbox products, receive after sales service and software updates. In case you have any doubt, please contact our service department by mail at service@wallbox.com. If want to receive more information about Wallbox Commander 2, you can send an email to sales@wallbox.com, and one of our agents will be pleased to contact you.

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