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How to adjust the charging current

If your charger shares a high voltage circuit with other appliances, you may want to temporarily reduce the amperage available to charge your vehicle when operating those other appliances to ensure you do not overload the circuit. 

There are two ways to manage the charging current of your charger:

  • During installation, your installer will have set the physical current selector switch inside the charger to the appropriate amperage suitable for the connected circuit. This ensures that neither the charger nor your vehicle draws more than 80% of the connected circuit’s maximum rating (per the National Electrical Code).
  • Using the Wallbox app, you can adjust the current at which your car will charge. To adjust the lamperage setting:
  1. Log in to the Wallbox app.
  2. On the charger app screen, scroll clockwise the power adjustment wheel to increase the current, or counterclockwise to reduce it.

Note you cannot exceed the maximum power capacity of your charger. If your installer sets the physical current selection switch to a lower amperage, you cannot exceed that amperage setting. 

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Updated on 10/08/2022

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