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Understanding the Pulsar Plus LED status lights

Is your LED halo switched on by default?

The behaviour of your LED Halo will depend on the model you have purchased. 
PUP2 model turns off the Pulsar Plus’s LED halo by default in order to meet energy-saving standards and reduce stand-by energy consumption. The LED’s will switch on for 8 seconds when the charger transitions between one status to another when a user uses the charger.
PUP1 model turns on the Pulsar Plus’s LED halo by default. However this model also allows the option to disable the LED’s to save energy, this can be configured through the Wallbox App. For a step-by-step guide check out the Quick User Guide. 
*The model of your Pulsar Plus EVSE charger can be checked on the product sticker on the side of the unit. 

LEDs Colors and Signification

The Pulsar Plus integrates a LED system that reflects its charging activity, communicates its status, and reports eventual errors. The colour-coding has been defined to be simple, easy to understand, and intuitive. The LED halo is easily recognizable on the facade of your Pulsar Plus.

The colour displayed by the LED will match the colour of the myWallbox app charger control screen when it is connected to your charger.

Find below the different colours that can be displayed and their meaning:


Your Pulsar Plus has been initialized and is powering ON. The green LED will soon stop his rotating movement and will remain still once the initialization process is finished.

Your Pulsar Plus is powered on and is ready to use. The LED will remains green until you connect your vehicle or turn your charger off.


Your vehicle is connected to your Pulsar Plus and communication between both is established. While waiting to complete an action or start the charging process, the LED device remains in this position. This Turquoise LED color is also displayed when:

  1. Your vehicle was into a charging session and is now fully charged;
  2. You paused the charging process through the myWallbox app;
  3. Your vehicle is waiting for power assignation (Power boost error signaling).

The LED of your Pulsar Plus is blinking in turquoise to signify that the scheduled charging session (programmed through the myWallbox app) is ready to start (learn more about how to schedule a charging session and their benefits in this related article: How to make a scheduled charging session with your Pulsar Plus).


The LED indicator will show a blinking dark blue light once the secure connection between your charger and your vehicle has been established, and the charging process is in progress.


This color will appear on your charger when you locked your Pulsar Plus through the myWallbox app or the online portal.

Please note that to lock your charger, your electric vehicle must be disconnected. If more than one user is assigned to your charger, it will lock automatically after a few seconds of absence of any user activity. You can learn more about the locking system of your charger from this article: Lock/unlock the charger.

As soon as the charger is unlocked, it will display the turquoise color (ready mode). If your charger is waiting for a schedule or a charge, the LED system will blink turquoise color.


Your charger is in fault mode. Do not try to charge in this condition. The detected problem could emanate from your charger, your electric vehicle, or the electric grid system. Contact Wallbox Service so our team can advise you on the best follow-up procedure.

The software of your charger is being updated. Do not perform any action during this process or your Pulsar might get damaged.


Your Pulsar Plus can also display a signal if an error occurs when used for Power Sharing. Find below the related colours that can be displayed by the LED system:

Your electric vehicle is waiting for power assignation.

Your Pulsar Plus could not be paired with the others chargers of your Power sharing system. Please refer to the Power Sharing article for more information.

Your electric vehicle is ready to be charged, the charge session has been paused, or your vehicle is fully charged.


Your Pulsar Plus can also display a signal if an error occurs when used with the Power Boost system. Find below the related colours that can be displayed by the LED system:


Your electric vehicle is waiting for power assignation.

Updated on 20/06/2023

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