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Release of 29-July-2021

Applicable To

  • Copper SB
  • MyWallbox

Latest Software Versions
Pulsar Plus Commander 2 Copper SB Quasar Pulsar Max Pulsar Pro

Wallbox is always committed to providing the best charging experience to all its customers. Therefore, we are continuously improving our products’ features. Following you will find a repository with all published release notes, with an explanation of all the updates performed.

This new release brings enhancements to the Copper SB charger and myWallbox portal.

Below, you can see the latest software versions of all chargers and the myWallbox app (iOS and Android). 

To ensure proper functionality, please keep them always updated.

Copper SB

  • Eco-Smart is here! With this new feature, you can use the energy generated from your solar panels or wind turbines to charge your electric vehicle. To start using it, go to Upgrades in the myWallbox app and click Eco-Smart to enable and configure it. Eco-Smart will soon be available for the rest of Wallbox chargers. Happy green charging! 

myWallbox Portal

  • To make it easier for you to see the general overview of your charging statistics, in Dashboards you now have a single dropdown to filter information in all widgets at once. Just above Energy supplied, select either Last week or Last 6 months to see details during that period. 
  • In our continuous effort to give you the most pleasing experience, you’ll notice slight changes in the general UI of the portal, especially in Sessions

Latest Software Versions

Copper SB



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