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Release of 10th-January-2024

Applicable To

  • Pulsar Plus

Latest Software Versions
Pulsar Plus Commander 2 Copper SB Quasar Pulsar Max Pulsar Pro

Wallbox is always committed to providing the best charging experience to all its customers. Therefore, we are continuously improving our products’ features. Following you will find a repository with all published release notes, with an explanation of all the updates performed.

New enhancements and fixes are now available by updating to the latest software version of your Wallbox charger. Find out what’s new next!

Pulsar Plus

  • We are updating the LED color for the ready status. From now on, you will see a stronger shade of green whenever your charger is ready to start charging.
  • Effortlessly switch back to charging with Eco-Smart or schedules after a manual action with a simple tap of a button. Your charging, your control – made easy!
  • Enjoy real-time insights on solar charging with detailed energy mix and selected Eco-Smart mode.
  • Now the Schedules card on myWallbox App will load a bit faster when connecting to the charger via Bluetooth.
  • It is now possible to configure Power Boost and Eco-Smart using myWallbox app when connected to the charger via Cloud.
  • We have improved the offline software update process including more cybersecurity measures.

Latest Software Version

Pulsar Plus

You can update your charger both from the myWallbox app and the Portal, see how on our detailed step by step articles:

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