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Release of 16th-January-2024

This new release brings enhancements to the Wallbox app.

Below, find the latest software versions of the Wallbox app (iOS and Android). To ensure proper functionality, please keep it always updated.

Wallbox portal

  • Now if you are under an unstable connection you will receive better feedback on your Wallbox portal connectivity status.
  • When updating or restarting your chargers you will have a better user experience, to help you on that process.
  • You will get more detailed information when your charger is in waiting status.
  • For Singapore users VAT has been updated to 9%.
  • We’ve also improved the design of the side menus inside the sections.
  • We have carried out some minor bug fixing.

Wallbox app

Electromaps integration:

  • Discover more than +460.000 chargers around you with our new On the go tab. Available in Spain, Germany, Italy, and France.

Bug Fixes:

  • Android dark mode fix: Issue resolved for some Android devices affected by dark mode settings.