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July, 2022 – Release notes

This new release brings enhancements to the Wallbox app.

Below, find the latest software versions of the Wallbox app (iOS and Android). To ensure proper functionality, please keep it always updated.

Wallbox portal

  • While using the application you will notice that we have improved the filters view in all pages.
  • The existing charger Access & Payments  tab in Portal has been redesigned  to make it more intuitive, with new icons and layout and also removing the “Plug&Charge” denomination.
  • We added a new column displaying the Power being drawn by active chargers in the dashboard along with the Energy consumed and time elapsed since the start of the session.

Wallbox app

  • in Android we have implemented a new activation flow for Static Load Management and Dynamic Static Load Management.
  • We have enabled the restore of your charger through  3G and WiFi connectivity.
  • We’ve fixed some minor issues. 

Latest Software Versions