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Release of 14-September-2021

Applicable To

  • Copper SB

Latest Software Versions
Pulsar Plus Commander 2 Copper SB Quasar Pulsar Max Pulsar Pro

Wallbox is always committed to providing the best charging experience to all its customers. Therefore, we are continuously improving our products’ features. Following you will find a repository with all published release notes, with an explanation of all the updates performed.

This new release brings enhancements to the Copper SB charger.

Copper SB

  • If you’re charging with Power Sharing or Power Boost enabled and there is a current shortage, your car is sent to the charging queue. Now, when the current is available again, your charger automatically resumes charging.
  • We’ve improved synchronisation between your charger and myWallbox (both portal and app). If an error should occur (indicated by a red signal), they all recover automatically when the error is solved.
  • To enhance your seamless charging experience, we’ve reduced the time it takes for your charger’s socket to lock and unlock.
  • We fixed an issue with the Pay per Charge solution, in which after the charging time that a user had paid for had ended, the charging session didn’t automatically stop.

Latest Software Versions


Copper SB

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