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How to use your Smartwatch to control your charger?

The Wallbox smartwatch app is available for Apple Watches only. The app adds another level of convenience for your Wallbox charger.

How to use the Wallbox app with your Apple watch?

To control your charger through your Apple watch:

  1. Download the Wallbox app on your smartwatch and log in to your account
  2. Follow the instructions to pair your smartwatch with the app
  3. After successfully pairing, you can control your charger with your smartwatch

What are the available features?

Once your app is paired with your charger, you can perform the following actions and consult the information listed below:

Remote Actions

  • Increase/Lower Current Intensity
  • Lock/Unlock the charger
  • Pause/Resume a charging session

Charger Status

  • Ready
  • Connected
  • Loading
  • locked
  • Error

Charging session information

  • Current Charging Power
  • Accumulated energy
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Updated on 20/04/2023

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