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How to Toggle Pulsar Family Chargers Halo Status Light on and off

Only Pulsar Family Chargers offer this feature, including Pulsar Plus (running software version 5.11 or higher), Pulsar Plus Socket, Pulsar Max, and Pulsar Pro.

The Wallbox chargers’ LEDs are always turned on by default, but you may need to switch them off for various reasons. Follow the steps below to control your charger’s halo LED:

  1. Log in to the myWallbox app using your credentials.
  2. Ensure your device is connected to your charger via Bluetooth and stay close to your charger throughout the process. If you are not connected to your charger via Bluetooth, you will not be able to control the Halo Light.
  3. Navigate to the list of chargers and select the one you want to modify.
  4. Tap on the Settings cogwheel icon in the screen’s top-right corner to access the charger’s settings.
  5. Within the settings menu, tap on “Halo Light Standy”.
  6. Switch and toggle it to the off position to turn off the LED. You can repeat the same steps to turn it back on if needed.
  7. Don’t forget to tap “Save” to ensure your modifications are applied.

That’s it! Remember, once you toggle the switch off, the LED will illuminate temporarily during the action but will turn off automatically after 8 seconds without interaction.

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Updated on 17/03/2024

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