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Can I associate my company’s RFID card?

External RFID card (Company’s)

Wallbox offers the possibility to associate RFID cards others than the Wallbox RFID card to myWallbox user accounts. For instance, workplace access control cards, charging network cards, shop fidelity key fobs, etc.

Today, Wallbox chargers are only compatible with MIFARE Classic RFID technology.

The steps to associate an RFID card to a myWallbox account are described in the “HOW TO LINK WALLBOX RFID CARD TO A MYWALLBOX ACCOUNT” FAQ on our website: https://support.wallbox.com/

In case you do not know the RFID code of the card, you can obtain it by following these steps:

  • Use an NFC enabled Android smartphone (not supported on iOS)
  • Download the App “NFC Reader” (contains ads)
  1. Open the application.
  2. Press “Scan a Tag”
  3. Place the RFID card you want to use on the back of the phone.
  4. Wait for the phone to read the card
  5. The RFID code that you need to enter in the myWallbox account is the decimal code labelled as “ID (dec)”

If you feel uncomfortable using an app with ads you can use “NFC TagInfo” App and follow the next steps:

  • Download the App “NFC TagInfo by NXP”

  1. Open the application.
  2. Place the RFID card you want to use on the back of the phone.
  3. Wait for the phone to ring and a pop-up message will appear saying “NXP IC detected”.
  4. Select “Full Scan”.

In the “Detailed Protocol Information” section in Full Scan, you will find the RFID code of the card in hexadecimal format:

Enter only the alpha-numeric hexadecimal code in the myWallbox account. Do not include the colons (‘’:”) in your hexadecimal code.

Code read displayed by the app: 04:81:71:DA:E8:26:80

Code to enter in myWallbox: 048171DAE82680

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Updated on 04/08/2020

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