Wallbox Copper S discontinuation


Wallbox is always keen on delivering the best charging experience to its customers. That is why we are always working on having our products up to date, ensuring that our clients receive the best cutting-edge technology.

Also, Wallbox always adapts its portfolio of products and services to the demands of the market. That is why it has been decided to discontinue the Wallbox Copper S product, whose demand has been fully absorbed by the other products of the same family, the Wallbox Copper SB and the Wallbox Copper C.

The Wallbox Copper S will, just like all other Wallbox products, receive after sales service and software updates. In case you have any doubt, please contact our service department by e-mail at service@wallbox.com. If want to receive more information about Wallbox Copper SB or Wallbox Copper C, you can send an email to sales@wallbox.com, and one of our agents will be pleased to contact you.


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  1. I use the Wallbox Copper with a lot of problems and each time it is replaced, repaired, I have to pay the costs of the installer. I don’t think that’s fair. You have stopped production so there is obviously something wrong with it. Where does this leave me?

    1. Dear Mr Van Hemsberger,

      Our service department will contact you shortly to give you a satisfactory solution for you as soon as possible.

      Thanks for your comment.



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