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December 2021 – Release Notes

This new release brings enhancements to the following Wallbox chargers: Commander 2, Pulsar Plus, Copper SB.

Pulsar Plus, Copper SB

  • We have improved the Stats section in the myWallbox App to show how much green energy was  used during each Eco-Smart session. While charging, the current session info will also show the green and grid energy use.

Pulsar Plus, Copper SB, Commander 2

  • Improved the charger response time when using the myWallbox App and Portal.
  • Fixed some network connectivity issues.
  • Enabled OCPP compatibility for all chargers.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

Latest Software Versions


Commander 2Copper SB Pulsar Plus 5.5.10

This new release brings enhancements to the Quasar charger.


  • Introducing vehicle-to-home (V2H) functionality for Quasar users. Use myWallbox to enable and control this feature. Charge your vehicle during off-peak hours and then use that energy to power your home during peak hours. Reducing grid dependency lowers energy costs. Just one more way Wallbox is changing the way the world uses energy!
  • We’ve solved some connectivity and user experience issues.

Latest Software Versions