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How to take a Wallbox EV gun out of its holster correctly?

To ensure the durability of the EV gun and its holder and to avoid mishandling that could damage your equipment, it is important to understand how its locking mechanism works.

The Wallbox EV guns are manufactured with a narrow hole at the top of the plug that engages with a small hook in the holster. This mechanism allows the pistol to remain securely locked in its holster.

Holster’s hook

Therefore, the EV gun handle must be lifted to engage the EV gun in its holder (Step 1) and then lowered once the plug is in the holster (Step 2) so the plug catches on the hook, and the EVgun locks properly into its holster.

Similarly, to disconnect the EV gun, the handle must be lifted to disengage the EV gun from its hook before pulling it out.

Updated on 14/11/2022

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