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Wallbox Ethics channel

At Wallbox, we dare to envision a better way of doing things; we are driven by the meaning behind what we do, and we have a different perspective; to bring what people really want.

As Wallboxers, we aim to achieve our mission with the commitment that we build relationships founded on trust and respect with our stakeholders, employees, and society in general. Knowing that in every decision we make, we must follow the highest standard of ethical business conduct and be respectful to the laws, to Wallboxers, and to society in general. Here you can check our Code of Ethics & Conduct.

For that reason, Wallbox encourages anyone (including employees, business partners, customers, consumers and others) to report any unethical conduct or situation using the confidential Ethics Channel. 

You can access this channel through the following link: https://irdirect.net/WBX/whistleblower_iframe

The system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you prefer to share your concern via the telephone system, please use one of the numbers below. You will be prompted to enter the company identifier, please enter: 929

By Phone

Whistleblower Hotline

USA: 800-916-7037

Para Español: 855-765-7249

En Français: 877-591-3211

Canada: 800-916-7037

En Français: 877-591-3211

UK: 0800-652-3673

Germany: 0800-180-2137

France: 0800-914-677

China: 400-120-0690

Japan: 053-112-2792