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Release of 30th-August-2022

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  • MyWallbox

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Wallbox is always committed to providing the best charging experience to all its customers. Therefore, we are continuously improving our products’ features. Following you will find a repository with all published release notes, with an explanation of all the updates performed.

This new release enhances the myWallbox app and Portal.

Below, find the latest software versions of the myWallbox app (iOS and Android). To ensure proper functionality, please keep it always updated.

myWallbox Portal

  • The new flow we’ve developed makes it even easier to invite new users. A modal window will guide you through all the steps needed to complete the process. You can now invite users in bulk by filling a CSV file (template available in the Portal).
  • On the chargers page, when you click on a charger, you will find a new Settings tab, where the charger information will be centralised to help you edit and manage all charger settings in one place.
  • We’ve fixed some minor issues. 

myWallbox app

  • Our latest app version improves how we connect to your charger. In addition, we have added some new troubleshooting in case this connection fails and increased the feedback provided during this process.
  • ​​For Android users, you will have to pre-authorize all Pay per Charge sessions, preventing unpaid issues for the charger owners.
  • We have also carried out some minor bug fixing.

Latest Software Versions



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