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How to set up Pay per Month (monthly subscription)?

You can bill for the use of your Wallbox chargers and manage all payments made by your users via the myWallbox portal. You can use two billing methods: Pay per Charge and Pay per Month.

What is Pay per Month?
Pay per Month is a billing solution that you can configure in the myWallbox Portal, allowing the myWallbox user(s) you invited to use your charging point and be charged monthly based on the rate and/or subscription costs you defined.
How much does this feature cost?
For each session performed and paid by your users, Wallbox takes a fee of 5% of the total price of the charging session achieved before the payment arrives in your bank account.

Example: the user performs a charging session for an amount of 5.00€. The total amount you will receive is 5 – 0.25 (5% of 5) = 4.75€.
How do I configure Pay per Month for my charging point(s)?
Once you created a myWallbox account and added your charger(s) to your account, you must:

1. Create and connect your Stripe account in the myWallbox Portal.
2. Create Pay per Month rate(s) and assign them to your charger(s).
3. Invite your user(s) to use your charging points.
4. Define an access method for your user(s):
– Without authentication (Free access)
– With authentication (myWallbox app)

Note that to carry out these steps, you must be the Super-Admin of your Space.
How can users use my charging point?
Users must automatically accept the subscription agreement sent by email and follow the steps indicated to start using your chargers. You can read this article for more details.
What are the installation requirements for Pay per Month?
Internet connection
For proper usage of your charging structure, it is essential to understand that users can only unlock a charger if both the app and the charger have an internet connection. 
Note that this system requirement makes the solution restrictive for specific installation scenarios. Nevertheless, these restrictions are necessary to ensure the security of authentications via the myWallbox cloud.

MID metering
Your chargers must have a MID meter to sell energy within specific countries.
Updated on 23/02/2023

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