Copper SB
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Home Pack & Business Pack

This course will give you all the information you should need on Copper SB in order to prepare for an installation, or ready for questions from customers.

from 250€


After taking this course, you will be able to install a Copper SB with ease and confidence, saving time for both you and your clients.

what will you learn about copper sb

What will you learn

In this course we will cover the following modules:

  • Charger features
  • Installation tips
  • Physical Installation
  • Internal configuration & connectivity
  • Troubleshooting
  • Commissioning
  • myWallbox app
  • myWallbox Portal
  • Home EMS
  • Business EMS
  • Electromaps
  • Wallbox Academy

Training Material

You’ll be provided with the following materials:

  • Presentation
  • Video
  • Workbook
  • Practice
  • Knowledge Test
  • Survey
Training material copper sb

What’s included

In this course we will cover the following modules:

  • Supporting Training Materials
  • Unlimited access to the learning platform
  • Wallbox Official Certificate
  • Listed on Wallbox website as official installer
  • Listed on Partner website
  • Training Dossier
  • Meet Wallbox

Home & Business Pack*
Agenda AC

Topic Start time Duration**
EV Basics 9:00 h 15’
Country specifications 9:15 h 30’
Charger features 9:45 h 30’
Installation tips 10:15 h 15’
Physical installation*** 10:30 h 15’
Break 10:45 h 15’
Internal configuration & connectivity*** 11:00 h 30’
myWallbox app & Portal 11:30 h 60’
Electromaps 12:30 h 30’
Lunch 13:00 h 60’
EMS: Home & Business*** 14:00 h 90’
Commissioning*** 15:30 h 30’
Break 16:00 h 15’
Troubleshooting 16:15 h 30’
Wallbox Academy 16:45 h 15’
Q&A 17:00 h 15’


*Chargers available with Home & Business Pack: Pulsar Max, Pulsar Plus, Pulsar Plus NA, Copper SB, Commander 2
**The duration of the activities are estimated
***Practical part included


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The number of participants is not fixed. Trainings are still available for a higher or lower number of people.

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