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Jak zaprosić kogoś do korzystania z Twojej ładowarki Wallbox

Wallbox umożliwia klientom zachowanie pełnej kontroli nad swoimi ładowarkami do tego stopnia, że mogą udostępniać swoje urządzenia innym użytkownikom i nadal w pełni kontrolować cały proces ładowania przez autoryzowane osoby.


Being able to share your Wallbox charger with other users you designate is important in order to:

  • Allow access remotely to let people use your charger
  • Prevent unwanted users to be able to use your charger

All our chargers allow this functionality as a part of the full management of the charging experience we want to provide to our end users.

Invite someone to use your charger

Below you will find the instructions showing how to implement this useful functionality in your charger.

If you would like new profiles to your myWallbox account, you can do so via the myWallbox website: https://my.wallbox.com.

Once you log into the myWallbox website as the group superadmin:

1. On the left-hand side of the menu, select „Users”,

2. Then on the top right-hand side there is an icon called “Add User”, please click this:

3. Then enter the new users’ details as detailed in the pop-up message.

a. Select whether you want them to be a user (with limited access to the charger) or an admin (with more access to the charger).

b. Identify the charger/s you wish to link to this new user (green: linked, red: not linked).

4. Then click „accept” and an automatic email will be sent to the new guest.

Once the new user accepts the invitation then they will be linked to that charger.

Updated on 04/05/2021

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