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Adding your charger to myWallbox

1. Adding/Linking your charger to your myWallbox account

To add/link your charger to your account on the myWallbox app, you must first download the myWallbox app and create your account on the myWallbox app. See Downloading the myWallbox app  and Creating your myWallbox account

  1. Launch the myWallbox app and log in.

Note: Your login username and password  are the same that were generated when you created your myWallbox account. In case you have forgotten your login information,  tap the Forgot Password option to generate a new password.

  1. On the app Home screen, tap “I already have a charger
  1. On the “Add Charger” screen, add the serial number and UID number for the charger you are registering.

Your charger´s serial number and UID are located on the product label placed on the side of your charger:

  1. Ensure that the location setting is correct for your state/province.
  1. Tap ADD.

The charger will now appear in your charger list.

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Updated on 08/01/2021

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