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How to connect to Wi-Fi in your Commander

Wi-Fi connectivity allows real time communication with your Commander, remote control of the device, and stay always up to date through the firmware update capability.


Wallbox always wants to provide its customers the best products, services and user experience. A very important part of this user experience is the connectivity features we provide in all our products.

Wallbox Commander has Wi-Fi connectivity as a standard feature, in order to allow any user real time communication with the charger, to have remote control of the device, and to have your charger always up to date through the firmware update capability.

Setup Wi-Fi in your Commander:

Below you will find the instructions showing how to setup Wi-Fi connectivity in your Wallbox Commander. Before starting, please make sure you have the latest software version in your charger. Also please make sure that your Wi-Fi connection is at 2.4 GHz and not at 5 GHz. If you use a Wi-Fi repeater please make sure this is also set at 2.4 GHz.

In order to enable this functionality, it is a must that your charger has an available Wi-Fi network in its location.

  1. In the main screen of the Commander, go to the settings menu:

2. Once in the settings menu, select Wi-Fi :

3. Connect to your Wi-Fi network by selecting from the drop-down list that shows your Wi-Fi network name and entering the Wi-Fi network password.

4. If your Wi-Fi network does not appear in the list, you can click “refresh”::

5. If the Wi-Fi connection is working properly in the status screen, you will see the Wi-fi signal strength. As well, in case you are properly connected to the myWallbox cloud, you will see a symbol of a globe and the Wallbox logo.

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Updated on 10/09/2019

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