Wallbox Academy: Our Customers and Partners Support Center


Designing world-class technology is only part of our job.
Teaching you how to master it is the other part.

Since Wallbox was founded in 2015, we have always had a strong focus on our product’s end users. That’s why we work very hard on delivering the best charging experience to our customers, through the most attractive design, an amazing and intuitive user interface, an easy to use management platform to have full control of your charging stations, and an outstanding customer service both for installing and aftersales needs.

This is why we launched Wallbox Academy:

Wallbox Academy is responsible for the training of all parts of the Wallbox network; providing the right materials, giving the best support and delivering the best and updated documentation to all its partners.

The way Wallbox Academy transfers all its knowledge is through:

Wallbox Academy Website: https://support.wallbox.com/

This is our online communication channel for our partners, installers and users. All manuals, guides, FAQ’s related to any of our products and services will be available here. This area is in continuous improvement, according to our product and service updates, as well as adapting the content according to the feedback we receive from our partners and users.

Wallbox Academy Training and Certification Solution:

A one-day deep immersion session into the Wallbox experience at our facilities in Barcelona or Madrid or at the facilities of our partners. These training sessions present a full overview of all Wallbox’s solutions, products and services, adapting the content of these sessions to the partner’s needs.

There are different partner levels, to which the training level and information is adapted. If you are interested in becoming part of the official Wallbox network, please fill out the contact form in the following link, and we will contact you in order to support you during the whole onboarding process https://support.wallbox.com/contact-us/

You can be sure that this is just the beginning. The faster our company and portfolio of EV charging solutions grow, the faster our support center will evolve.

The focus is clear: Wallbox customers must have the best product and the best service. Let’s make it happen!

Jordi Cano Zamora
Head of Training & Wallbox Academy

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