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Which Filters can be applied to the Charging Sessions’ Information

1. Introduction

Wallbox always wants to provide its customers the best products, services and user experience. A very important part of this user experience is the Wallbox app and the myWallbox portal.

Both the app and the portal allow the customer to have full control of their charging experience, collecting charger session information, statistics, consumption, users, etc. This allows all our customers to have full management of their energy consumption and cost savings related to electric vehicle adoption.

Filters are helpful to analyse the charging statistics of your charger. You can filter the charging data using various filters to get a better understanding of your charging metrics.

You can also generate a summary report of your charging sessions through the Wallbox portal.

Wallbox currently offers three software plans: Basic, Standard, and Business. Wallbox Basic plan customers can get the basic statistics of energy consumption, charging sessions and costs only via app. Basic plan customers cannot download the session details.

Wallbox plans´ customers can easily download all information on energy consumption, costs, active sessions, historical data in real time and can also generate reports in CSV format with filters, whenever needed. Wallbox Business plan customers, in addition of the above can receive a summary report of the main metrics of all charging sessions through email.

2. Filters

You can apply the following filters to the recorded data of your charging sessions:

  • By charger subgroup: You can filter the data by the different charger subgroups that are created.
  • By charger: filter by chargers in your groups.
  • By user: filter by users in your groups.
  • By payment: filter by payment sessions or not payment sessions. This filter is only applicable for the Wallbox Business plan subscribers.
  • By start and end dates: select the start and end dates you wish to see.

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Updated on 19/02/2020

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