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How to subscribe to a myWallbox Plan?

A. Available Plans Details

Wallbox currently offers three software plans and each organization/group can select the most suitable plan to subscribe to.

O: Operator – SA: Super Admin – A: Admin – U: User – :minus:: Not available

B. How to subscribe to a plan

    1. Log in to the myWallbox app or portal. If you do not have an account yet, you can create one following these instructions.
    2. Click “Choose Plan” to subscribe to the desired plan.
    3. Add your billing and payment information.
    4. Click “Subscribe now!”.
    5. The Payment summary now displays the following information:
      • Subscribed plan name,
      • Number of chargers and monthly price,
      • Taxes and total.
    6. Check the box to accept the Terms & Conditions and click “Subscribe now!” to confirm your purchase.
    7. The confirmation screen will pop once you have successfully subscribed to a plan.
    8. NOTE: To be able to progress further, you will have to provide valid credit card details.
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Updated on 10/05/2022

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