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How to manage your Spaces and Locations in the portal?

Wallbox chargers are organised and presented in Spaces and Locations inside your Portal area. They act as groups and subgroups and help you keep your chargers organized.

A Space represents a global area that corresponds to the specific physical space (a shopping mall, a car park, an office, your home, …) your charger(s) is installed in. Within this Space, you can organise your chargers into separate subgroups called Locations. You can manage your own Space as its Super-Admin and/or other users’ Space you have been invited to manage as an Admin.

1. Managing Spaces

All the Spaces that you are the Operator, Super-Admin, or Admin for are displayed in your account. You can choose which Space you want to access by clicking the dropdown arrow on the top left corner of the Portal.

When you create a Wallbox account for the first time, a Space is automatically created for you and you become the Super-Admin of this Space. You can customize your Space’s name in order to identify it easily.

There can be only one Super-Admin by Space, which is the user that created the Space.

Other users can invite you to their own Space (or only to a specific Location of their Space), which will allow you to access, use and, if given necessary permission, manage their chargers.

2. Managing Locations

Locations act as subgroups of the Spaces and contain your chargers. You can add as many Locations as you need and as many chargers as needed into the Locations.

Locations can be found in the same place as your chargers, click Chargers > Locations.

From there, you can Add, Edit and Delete your Locations.

Locations are useful to keep your chargers organized and manage your chargers. You can modify the Location name, assign them a specific Pay per charge or Pay per month billing rate that will apply to all the chargers inside, and add or delete a charger.

3. Inviting a user to manage your Location(s)

If you are going to be several people managing a Location of chargers, you will have to invite other members as Admin.

As for chargers, you can organize your users by group, which you can then attribute to a specific Location of chargers.

  1. Click Users.
  2. Click Add user.
  3. Enter the email addres(ses) of the person(s) you wish to invite.
  4. Select the Group you want to include the person(s) to.
  5. Select “Admin” as User type (administration rights).
  6. Select the Locations that the users will be Admin for.
  7. Click Send Invitations.
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Updated on 06/04/2022

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