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How to make a scheduled charging session with your Wallbox charger

You can simply create a scheduled charging session for your Wallbox charger through the myWallbox mobile app at any time:

  1. Open the myWallbox App.
  2. To ensure that the steps below run smoothly, make sure both your charger and myWallbox app have the latest version available (you can check the app version in your Play Store or App Store and the software version in the Release Notes section).

  3. Connect to your charger via Bluetooth.

  4. Log into the App by filling in your credentials, or register if you do not have an account yet.

  1. Once logged in select your charger.
  1. Your app will then link to your charger, wait until the connection is established.
  1. In the app, press the Clock button.
  1. The schedule menu will then appear. Define the start and end times. Then press Accept. Once this is done your charging session will be scheduled.
  1. If you connect your car and a schedule is active your charger’s LED will blink in turquoise.

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Updated on 09/11/2021

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