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How to link Wallbox RFID Card to a myWallbox account

How to link Wallbox RFID Card to a myWallbox account

Please create a Wallbox user account through our myWallbox website: https://my.wallbox.com/

If you have an existing user account, you can continue using it.

It is recommended to enter myWallbox portal through Safari or Chrome browsers and follow the instructions.

Only the Super-Admin and Admin users can associate RFID cards to myWallbox accounts of the current user group. Users with User permissions can only view their respective RFID code.

The RFID authentication requires the charger to have internet access and be ONLINE in order to keep the information on authorized users updated. It may take up to 1 or 2 minutes for the charger to update user information after a modification in myWallbox.

  1. Access the Users page of your group on the myWallbox portal.

2. Select a user from the list or enter in your account profile in case you are the user. The account profile section contains a card with ‘RFID’ label on it.

3. Enter the 17 digits on the Wallbox RFID card.

4. Click Save.

Once the changes are saved, the RFID card is associated with the myWallbox account of this user and the user is authorized to unlock and use the charger.

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Updated on 04/08/2020

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